Returning Veterans face a difficult job market while adjusting to the wounds of war and the complex VA benefits system. They get the same job search training their parents received. Since 2009, that training has failed in preventing millions of discouraged job hunters and Veterans from giving up their search without finding jobs. It’s not surprising Veteran unemployment, homelessness, and suicides have reached epidemic levels. What was tried is not working fast enough.

Subsequent to their transition training, Veterans are besieged with thousands of well intentioned programs that preoccupy their minds, help them forget their difficult pasts, and worry less about their uncertain futures. Unfortunately, those benefits are not sustainable. When the event euphoria wears off, a Veteran’s regrets, and worries return, contributing to record cases of depression, divorce, violence, and thoughts of suicide.

Here’s the problem. Veterans appreciate temporary boosts to their morale, gratitude for their services, and refresher training on the tips and tools of how to look for jobs, but that’s not enough. They want jobs; otherwise, they want employer provided programs that help them land jobs faster. But unfortunately, their transition training is insufficient and inappropriate to help them sway the biases of employers concerned about symptoms of PTSD and their apparent weariness due to challenges through transition.



Introduce employer provided training hiring managers believe will better prepare Veterans (physically, mentally, and emotionally) to meet their high expectations for improved attitude and performance despite challenges while looking for jobs, and later, while performing their jobs. After all, employers hire Veterans for their military qualities to perform jobs, not for their updated resume, waxed on image, or skills to look for jobs.


  • As part of this solution, we prepare professional staffs from academic institutions and VA facilities to help deliver and reinforce learning provided by the employer’s improved training to Veterans and their spouses.


  • We employ a state-of-the-art e-learning platform that makes dual use of the employer’s training enrollment process to relay Veteran contact details directly to their Staffing Department for job consideration. On-demand access also ensures remotely located service members and Veterans who live in under-served locations have access to training they need and employers want them to have.



On behalf of our nation’s proud and competent Veterans and their families, our Veterans plan, create, lead, and deliver the following employer provided programs in collaboration with participating academic institutions, and VA staffs from around the country. This is what we do best and enjoy doing most.