Vet Power Academy

Connecting Veterans with employers for improved career training and jobs.

Our trademark Veteran Empowerment Training (V.E.T.) recalibrates your Vet Power to reinvigorate your spirit for success despite challenges posed by transition, the wounds of war, and your evolving life circumstances.

We believe…

  • Employers hire you for your military qualities to perform jobs, your Vet Power, not for your resume, elevator speech, or skills to look for jobs. Oorah!
  • Important to you and employers is when you learn how to recalibrate and reinvigorate your Vet Power for success in the civilian world. Hoorah!
  • Important to communities is how an employer’s classroom assists all Veterans who enroll, not just the ones they hire. Hooyah!

Why Veterans Created This Academy

Reports by Monster, Prudential, and others have indicated Veterans, after their transition training, didn’t feel ready for employment and employers agreed they were not prepared. Even with the upgrades to TAP GPS, Veterans are still being taught how to look for jobs, and still lack sufficient training to prevent their attitudes and performance from deteriorating due to the many challenges associated with their transition, the wounds of war, and longer-term unemployment.

According to Pew researchers, this preparedness gap is a causal factor to why Veterans become discouraged, end their search for work prematurely, experience higher rates of unemployment, and this contributes to epidemic levels of homelessness and other more serious problems.

We created the Vet Power Academy to recalibrate and reinvigorate a Veteran’s military mindset that believes we are more prepared than others give us credit for.

Multiple Choice Quiz

What is Veteran Empowerment Training (V.E.T.)?

  1. Next generation job readiness training.
  2. Employer expectations and staffing etiquette training.
  3. Performance improvement training.
  4. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training (MBSR).
  5. Self-empowerment training.
  6. Employment referral system.
  7. All the above.

Correct Answer: (g) Created by workforce professionals and customized by Veterans, V.E.T. blends online learning with live workshops, and support from employers, colleges, VA staff, peer mentors, and R&R Career Expedition guides to accomplish the following on behalf of Veterans and employers that hire them:

  • Next Generation Job Readiness Training – V.E.T. goes beyond the mechanics of how to look for jobs, and teaches you how to leverage your Vet Power to persevere until you can find jobs and perform well to get the offer despite the emotional turmoil associated with any challenges. That you have this ability is what employers are really looking for.
  • Employer Expectations and Staffing Etiquette – V.E.T. shows you what to do, how to do it, and when to demonstrate your Vet Power during each step of the staffing process to fulfill the employer’s unspoken expectations and rules of etiquette. Rules that if you don’t know, you are unlikely to get the job offer.
  • Performance Improvement Training – V.E.T. teaches you the component parts of the human performance propulsion system. How to create high octane thoughts to fuel high octane emotions that propel high performance attitudes, results, and impressions for success despite challenges.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – V.E.T. is mindfulness training on steroids. We take forty years of mental fitness training to a whole new level of ease and effectiveness. You learn to strengthen and utilize your intentional mind thinking to supervise your habitual brain thinking to prevent unwanted emotions that can derail your attitude, wellbeing, and performance.
  • Self-Empowerment Training – V.E.T. doesn’t just talk about self-empowerment. You learn the nuts and bolts of how to Vet empower higher levels of personal effectiveness that will benefit all areas of your life, not just your job search and career.
  • Employment Referral System – V.E.T. relays your enrollment data to every employer whose Vet Power Academy classroom(s) you choose to enroll in, which puts you on their radar screen for employment consideration.

V.E.T. is by far the best program I’ve seen in the past 9.5 years I’ve been working with our nation’s transitioning warriors.
-Colonel Duane Hardesty, US Army (Ret)