About Us

Our Mission

Founded in 2012 by disabled combat Veterans, our mission efficiently unites the proactive efforts
of employers, colleges, and VA facilities in more urgently reducing Veteran unemployment, homelessness,
and suicides.

Our Distinction

We are the only 501(c)(3) military nonprofit charity that engages employers in helping to supply Academic Institutions and VA Facilities with rigorous outdoor expeditions and mental fitness training that teach our fellow Veterans how to leverage their employable military qualities to improvise, adapt, and overcome challenges in the civilian world. We refer to this quality as Vet Power:

  • Employable strengths and character
  • Uniquely developed through military training and experiences
  • Enabling the enhanced ability of Veterans to persevere and perform well,
    regardless of their evolving life circumstances.

A concern shared by Veterans is that employers presume Vet Power diminishes over time, the longer they
re separated from active service. Veterans realize this perception dilutes their marketability and
potential when competing for jobs against civilians and even younger Veterans.
To correct this unhelpful mindset is why we created the term, Vet Equity – the military qualities
sustainable throughout a Veteran’s lifetime when he or she learns to recalibrate and reinvigorate
their Vet Power. This self-empowered result is achieved via our global R&R Career Expeditions and mental fitness training delivered online through our Vet Power Academy, and via live workshops by colleges and VA centers around the country.